About Paul

Paul Michael Raspa, Jr. is a dynamic self-mastery coach, business consultant, and trainer.

For 25+ years, Paul has supported individuals seeking genuine fulfillment in their lives. Many are stuck and don’t know how to level up in their personal and professional lives. Frequently they are at the end of a rope and the knot is unraveling.

Paul uses innovative tools for self-discovery, aligning to inner truth, and empowering excellence. He is analytical, practical, and bold yet personable and deeply compassionate. For those ready to grow, Paul ignites the fire.

He leverages years of corporate and not-for-profit management experience including strategic planning, technology, product development, marketing, relationship management, and human resources. He is known for making the complexities of business and life simple and achievable for all.

Paul leads an active lifestyle focused on his own self-mastery, a deep love for his wife and children, a passion for serving others, and the honor of his Creator.

Paul Michael Raspa, Jr.