Self-Mastery Coaching

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100% Who you ARE and are NOT

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Create more Money and Satisfaction

AWAKEN Your Destiny
Once and For All

You are your greatest asset. An asset to your life, your family, and your business.

Yet many people invest the minimum amount of time, care, and money into maintaining and upgrading this asset. Some even think that investing in themselves is selfish, unjust, or simply unnecessary.

When you don’t invest in ourselves — to the point of mastering how you exist, what you do, and how you thrive — your family, your business, your community gets some less-than-ideal version of you … even if you want to show up as your best self.

When flying on an airplane, you are told that if oxygen is scarce, put on your mask before helping others. Trust me! Oxygen is scarce, so serve yourself first to best serve others.

Self-mastery coaching focuses on helping you as an individual gain the clarity, confidence, and self-control to show up as your best in every situation of life and business. This leads to sustainable success and satisfaction — the finest parts of life.

Each self-mastery coaching program is customized to individual client needs, experiences, and goals. Through one-on-one sessions, individual work, and continuous connection with Paul each client gains insights and tools for integration into daily life. Each SOULDIERS client has exclusive access to the Warpath accountability and tracking system to monitor their daily progress.

You are not just a spouse, just a parent, just a business person, or just a friend. You are one complete individual. To honor that, Paul works with each client as an integrated being incorporating physical wellness and nutrition, mindset expansion, stress management, emotional intelligence, key relationships, spirituality, financial abundance, recreation, and professional growth.

Paul carefully screens clients to ensure alignment for an effective coaching relationship. You will receive massive value. Most of Paul’s clients are small business owners, agents, brokers, distributors, sales executives, account managers, or middle/senior-management. However, his clients vary widely in age (adolescent to senior citizen), education, employment type, social status, and family situation.

Paul works with clients in-person in Austin, Texas, and by web conferencing with clients across North America.

Reach out for a free consultation to discuss where you are and where you want to be 90 days from now.

Paul Michael Raspa, Jr.