Business Consulting

Running your business can be challenging.

There is so much to handle…¬†products and services, sales, marketing, customers, vendors, staff, technology, growth, daily finances, capital, profits, and a never-ending list of to-dos.

We want it ALL, but it can easily get overwhelming. Downturns and setbacks can feel like defeats. Profits and victories may not seem big enough or sustained. And to make it worse, you look at your competitors or colleagues who “appear” to have it all worked out.

Sometimes this is down right painful.

This is not why you got into business! It doesn’t have to hurt. Success and prosperity are achievable and attainable. In fact, it is often quick, small pivots that make the greatest impact.

Paul works with small and mid-sized companies as well as solopreneurs to maintain, optimize, and grow businesses.

He has a track record of helping companies, business units, and individuals achieve significant revenue growth, strategic alignment, product diversification, increased customer and employee satisfaction, technology integration, and process improvement. He draws on his professional experiences and education in a variety of industries, roles, geographic locations, and methodologies, including his own small businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

Paul’s clients include traditional brick-and-mortar companies, virtual businesses, and independent agents/brokers in diverse product, service, online commerce, and network marketing industries.

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Paul Michael Raspa, Jr.