Genetic Personality System

Would it be beneficial to have a dynamic road map — a GPS — to navigate your life?

A tool to guide you to the most effective route for reaching all of life’s destinations?

The SOULDIERS Genetic Personality System provides valuable insight into how you are individually built at the deepest core: your personality, your decision making, your work style, your interpersonal relationship methods, your communication preferences, and your energetic cycles. These genetic characteristics shape every experience in daily life including how you conduct business.

As you understand your unique attributes, you can align actions and choices for optimum success, sustainability, fulfillment, prosperity, and flow. This is true in both personal and business endeavors.

Paul is a skilled practitioner in the SOULDIERS Genetic Personality System, a form of applied Human Design developed by Ra Uru Hu and Jaramy Eugene Wilson.

Most Genetic Personality System blueprint sessions take about 2 to 2.5 hours and can be split into smaller sessions. Paul regularly uses these insights with individual self-mastery and business coaching clients. Blueprints are also available as an individual offering for others.

The Genetic Personality System may be used effectively as a group dynamics tool with business staffs, couples/partners, and entire families.

Paul Michael Raspa, Jr.