About Me

People were designed for accomplishment,
engineered for success,
and endowed with the seeds of greatness.
—Zig Ziglar

My mission: to dare greatly, live passionately, and achieve personal greatness. I commit to helping others achieve their own greatness. We are made for much more than mediocrity; we are made to THRIVE!

To say that I have drive is an understatement. And that drive has produced enormous success for me.

The seeds of greatness were planted early, but went unnoticed by me and others. They grew steadily and soaked up some amazing life experiences. In my twenties and thirties, I was surrounded by top-notch mentors, teachers, and associates, and those seeds matured in amazing and unanticipated ways. I was able to achieve more in 20 years than most people do in twice as many years.

Let me be clear. My path to personal success has come with plenty of bumps and bruises as well as a few accidents and black eyes. Thriving takes determination and hard work!

Today, I see myself as a success engineer. My professional talents help companies and individuals design their own blueprint for success. I coach them to accomplish more by connecting the dots, fortifying their strengths, finding solutions to big challenges, and mobilizing themselves to charge forward toward greatness. For companies, my successes have included tens of millions of dollars in sales and the formation of key strategic partnerships.

As an entrepreneur, I have launched several small businesses and founded an international not-for-profit ministry organization. My professional experience has placed many design tools in my toolbox: coaching and training, executive management, intellectual property management, marketing and communications, online product development, real estate investment, and strategic planning.

As a man, family and spirituality are my core. I am blessed with an extraordinary wife of 15 years, an artisan son, and a precocious daughter. I treasure my ever-expanding spirituality and have great appreciation for many different faiths and traditions. While I do subscribe to a particular faith, my spirituality is expressed in many ways and rarely fits neatly into a checkbox.

In all things, I lead boldly by my actions. I expect a lot of myself and those around me. I’m known for being there for others and being their biggest advocate. At the same time, I’m a dogged interrogator, pushing others to get beyond their own bullshit and identify the honest truth. Direct but compassionate, I am not afraid to break molds and blow apart stereotypes. I don’t mince words, which sometimes offends, but I like to keep people on their toes.

Engage in my mission: read my messages, challenge my perspectives, spread my insights. I’m here to help. Whether we work together or you choose to just watch online, let’s expand our worlds and thrive.

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