Morning Gratitude: Exercise

I’m grateful for exercise. There was a time when exercise was an evil chore.  These days I’m up at 4 a.m. and headed to the gym. Yes, I’m tired at the start, but the blood gets flowing and the oxygen kickstarts the energy. By the time my routine is done, I’m sweating like crazy and my body is running in high gear. Power up.

Morning Gratitude: Haters, Antagonists, Naysayers

I’m grateful for the haters, the antagonists, and the naysayers that I encounter each day. (You know who you are!) While these people piss me off in the moment, their words and actions cause me to take pause and look at myself. Sometimes I stay the path; sometimes I course correct. Either way, I come back stronger, more confident, more determined and that’s worth being thankful.