According to Plan

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan.

And when they don’t, it’s easy to call it a failure.

You can throw in the towel.
Abort mission.
Start the list of excuses.


You can take this as an OPPORTUNITY for a new plan
that may hold even better results.

Tonight was date night with my little princess.

Plan “A” was to go to the trampoline park and jump for a couple hours. It’s one of her favorite places.

However, within 5 minutes of arriving, her stomach became unsettled and we decided to leave.


So it was off to Plan “B” which was walking along the Columbia River and watching the sunset.

Unfortunately, with the breeze and no jacket, it was too cold for her. So our walk lasted about 50 yards.


So then Plan “C” was to drive a short distance over to the airport to sit and watch the planes land.

This is something that we used to do frequently when she was young and now do rarely.


Great conversations while watching the planes land about a hundred yards away.

Talking aerodynamics and physics.
Talking life.
Talking family.
Talking transcendence.

Her take: “It wasn’t what we thought this evening would be about, but it was still fun.”

Take every turn as an opportunity.

Find new paths.

Find new successes.


Being stuck sucks!
You don’t have to admit it aloud.
You know when you’ve hit that point in life
whether others realize it or not.
No need to feel ashamed.
We all get stuck from time to time.
The key is getting UNSTUCK.
Remove the bonds that are holding you back
as QUICKLY as possible.
Sometimes it involves learning more about YOURSELF
so you can step up to the next level.
Sometimes it involves gaining new SKILLS or MINDSETS
to navigate the constantly changing landscape.
Sometimes it helps to enlist the aid of OTHER PEOPLE
who have been there before and know a path forward.
It always requires ACTION on your part.
So take your first step today.
(Just thinking about it doesn’t count.)
Want some support in getting unstuck?
I have tools that can make your life less sticky
and a lot more satisfying.
Hit me up with a private message, phone call, or email.

The Real Investment: Your Time

Your kids won’t remember all the stuff you bought them.

They may not even recall that awesome trip.

Your late night working will go without thanks.
(This includes working your ass off at work
so that they can have a nice house, cool clothes,
and food on the table.)

What will they remember?

The times when you were doing things with them.

Fully present.

That’s about the best investment.

It is what will reap dividends for your child and for you.

Today’s big investment for me, came in the form of 2 fitness workouts with my daughter.

  • High intensity interval training (HIIT) this morning.
  • Boxing class this evening.

Does having her there distract me from getting the best physical workout? Yes.

Is it valuable for her to know that I will take the time to show her how throw a punch and sweat right alongside her? Yes.

The dividend: “Daddy, I had a ton of fun tonight. I’m probably going to be sore tomorrow from all those punches. I love when we get to box together.”


Make your investments in your kids each day. It is worth it.

Expansion & Resistance

Expansion is accompanied by resistance.

As we grow and change
the old choices
the old behaviors
the old relationships
the old view
the old business decisions
the old everything
is fighting for survival and for us to remain unmoved.

But they do move.

They adapt to the new reality
or they fade away as history of a time gone by.

Feel the resistance.

Grapple with the resistance.

On the other side of the resistance is the destiny you desire.