Navigating to the Truest, Best You

Most of us have taken personality and behavior assessments like Myers-Briggs, DiSC, or StrengthsFinder.

These are good at identifying HOW you predominantly act today.

What they lack is an explanation of WHY those attributes suit you so well and how they connect to your entire life.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to take that WHY to the next level?

Plus receive some tools for
* living life on your terms,
* maximizing how you were built by the Creator, and
* experiencing happiness and fulfillment?

The Genetic Personality System can provide that direction for navigating to the truest, best you.

Interested in learning more about YOU?

I am offering a 2 hour workshop on the Genetic Personality System for those of us in Portland. This is a introduction to the GPS principles with some practical tools that you can begin using today.

Pick the day and location convenient for you. There are still seats available at 5 of the 6 upcoming sessions.

Register online at

Thanks for spreading the word with friends and co-workers that might be interested in this valuable topic.

Understanding the Unique You

You are a unique individual.

You were created a little different than every other person on this planet.

Our genetics map out our eye and hair color, gender, muscular build, metabolism, and height.

But there is another genetic mapping…

Just as unique, just as true to you, just as predictable…


This gets to the CORE of who you are…

  • Intellectually
  • Behaviorally
  • Emotionally
  • Spiritually
  • Interpersonally

And it’s most evident in the ways that you make decisions,
how you share energy with others,
and how you receive energy from others.

Too often we forsake the truth of our genetic personality.

We go with the status quo.
We follow the guidance and directives of our parents.
We conform to rules that we don’t agree with.
We believe what we are told to believe.
We blindly follow the loudest voices.

Often this doesn’t feel authentic or right or natural.

But we persist although we don’t achieve.

We fight the ways we are genetically built.

Satisfaction and happiness allude us.

When we are able to align our actions, our thoughts, our decisions
with our genetic personality, things naturally flow.

Certainty becomes the norm.

Honesty, freedom, and success prevail.

Are you ready to explore your genetic personality so you can thrive?

I am offering several workshops in Portland on the Genetic Personality System (GPS) and your personal blueprint.

You will learn several things about yourself,
gain new language for things you’ve felt your entire life,
and receive some practical tools for maximizing you.

Pick the date, time, and location most convenient for you.

Register online today. Seats are limited for each workshop.

This is a great first step toward living your extraordinary life.