Being stuck sucks!
You don’t have to admit it aloud.
You know when you’ve hit that point in life
whether others realize it or not.
No need to feel ashamed.
We all get stuck from time to time.
The key is getting UNSTUCK.
Remove the bonds that are holding you back
as QUICKLY as possible.
Sometimes it involves learning more about YOURSELF
so you can step up to the next level.
Sometimes it involves gaining new SKILLS or MINDSETS
to navigate the constantly changing landscape.
Sometimes it helps to enlist the aid of OTHER PEOPLE
who have been there before and know a path forward.
It always requires ACTION on your part.
So take your first step today.
(Just thinking about it doesn’t count.)
Want some support in getting unstuck?
I have tools that can make your life less sticky
and a lot more satisfying.
Hit me up with a private message, phone call, or email.


Leadership is about creating change that you believe in.

Don’t confuse this with management
which is about controlling resources like
employees, equipment, time, and dollars.

Great leaders don’t try to please everyone
or necessarily fight for fairness.

Leaders defy the status quo,
make a ruckus,
embrace discomfort,
so that their passion for the cause
is clear to them and everyone else.

Leadership is about inspiring others to see
the same truth …
the same bigger “why”…
so they can share in it too.